The Official Worship Arts Team of Bahamas Faith Ministries



COST: $40.00

ASAPH: Always Sanctified Always Praising Him

We are excited to present the 2024 ASAPH Worship Gathering & Summit, a transformative event for worship leaders, pastors, musicians, and all those involved in worship ministry. ASAPH, an acronym for “Always Sanctified Always Praising Him,” encapsulates the core mission of this conference – to bring together worship leaders from around the world to deepen their spiritual connection and inspire powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit through worship.

Our Mission:

To Empower all Creatives across all generations,
to use their God given gifts and talents
for the Expansion of the Kingdom.


To contribute to advancing the Kingdom through
worship and fine arts by producing leaders
and refining ministry gifts to deliver the vision of BFM
through the medium of worship and fine arts.

Join The Team!

Use your Gifts and Talents to help in the
Advancement of the Kingdom through Worship Arts!