ASAPH is an annual Worship Conference and Leadership Institute. The conference exists to equip believers with the tools to cultivate the right environment to attract and experience the presence of God. These conferences have been transforming followers into leaders in the area of Fine Arts and Worship throughout the nations. ASAPH Worship Conferences are also hosted throughout the Caribbean an the United States.

The seminars and worshops are dedicated to fine arts ministers, worship leaders, intercessors, and prophectic worshippers alike to empower you and those you influence. We unite together in Kingdom worship and learn from anointed leaders in Worship, Dance, Banners Worship Pageantry, Music and Vocal training.

Banner bearers, Dancers, intercessors, musicians, worshippers and worship leaders gather from around the nations, spending time in God’s presence and experience the Glory of God. Asa leader, minister and worshipper, you will recieve practical application for your ministry and for your life!